Death in Odyssey

Information in this document regards what happens upon death.

Carried Items

Loadout materials (suit, weapons, tools): These items incur no cost and retain on death. This includes any engineering specials and grades in the loadout.

Any items in the backpack will be lost on death. This includes consumables or picked up items from the settlement.


"Storage" refers to a ship or SRV. When you have "boots on the ground" (not in a station), you are able to interact with a ship or SRV and choose Manage Inventory. The ship or SRV does not need to belong to you and can even be an Apex shuttle.

If you enter any ship or SRV, anything in your backpack will deposit into Storage and any consumables will be restocked (excepting E-breaches).

Anything in Storage will retain on death as it is not on your person.

Bounties and Fines

Unlike in Horizons, bounties or fines incurred while on the ground will follow you until they are paid off or death occurs.


Missions will only fail if you die on-site of the mission or if you have an item in your possession that must be turned into the mission contact.