Engineering in Odyssey

What's different from Horizons in Engineering?


There are 9 new engineers. They can be found here.

The new engineers function differently than in Horizons. While they still have an invite requirement, they do not have an unlock requirement. To introduce you to one of their contemporaries, they will require a payment, such as Domino Green needing 5 Measures of Push to introduce you to Kit Fowler.

There are no rank/grade upgrades and nothing can be pinned for engineering the suits/weapons.

These new engineers have Apex landing ability, but none of the ship engineers do as a ship is required for engineering with the others.


The process for engineering your suit or weapon is different here.

To upgrade a suit or weapon, you must:

  1. Visit Pioneer Supplies and choose the Upgrade/Sell button for either suits or weapons.
  2. You must spend the materials that you gather to pay for the upgrade to the next grade, which provides better protection and an engineering slot. For grade info, see Inara.
  3. With an empty engineering slot, you can take your equipment to an engineer that specializes in the upgrade you desire and have them add it to the suit or weapon. See Inara for possible upgrades.

Pre-Upgraded/Engineered Equipment

It is entirely possible to find Grade 2 or 3 suits or weapons with an empty or filled engineering slot. The availablility is random and will disappear once bought by a player.

Farming Materials

As expected of Odyssey, you must be on ground to farm materials. You will need a Detailed Surface Scanner to find farming locations on planet surfaces.

The following are locations where you can retrieve materials:

  • Irregular Markers
  • Impact Site
  • Crashed Ship