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2020-12 Release


This is the first release of the new Reactjs powered website. For the previous version, please see this page


This website was created to advance the United Systems Cooperative website. After discovering that the legacy site would not be compatible without much more work in the Ship Build Library, members of High command opted that a new site with more functionality should be written.

This new site should also bring the website into current webpage specs including Material Design


  • ReactJS - makes for a more responsive site
  • Material Design - Matches or is close to Material Design to bring it to code with other websites and applications
  • Database - Multiple aspects of the site (Ship Builds, Fleet Carriers, and the new Join Form) interact with the database backend, giving the site a better, integrated feeling.
  • Join Form - The Join Form has been integrated into the site itself. By leveraging React, Material Design, and the Database, it provides new users with a more integrated experience.
  • Https - as internet browsers have evolved, so have security measures. This site now has https enforced.


Special thanks to everyone who assisted on the site or worked on the legacy site.

Thanks also to the following:

  • Frontier Developments for Elite: Dangerous
  • - This site uses their JSON format to read builds for our commanders and links to Coriolis to display builds.
  • - Their assets are used throughout the site. If you see an elite dangerous asset, it's likely from here.


The site is divided into 5 parts


The home page is the landing page when someone comes to As of this release, it has our lore and a recruitment video by our own CMDR Pablok.

USC Builds NEW

Originally a spreadsheet, this is a full redesign of the USC Build Archive. Interactive and easy to use, it is designed to allow CMDRs to search for a build that they would like to use or even permit them to submit their own build to the archive.

Work on this specific section is due in no small part to CMDRs Clever Ape and Admiralfeb.


The About page has everything pertaining to USC.

  • Rules
  • Allies
  • Fleet Carriers

It also includes links to our Inara, Patreon, and Discord


Based upon the idea of CMDR UltraNeros, this lists guides, tools, documents and other resources compiled from many different sources in one convenient page.


The new join system is integrated into the website. It permits a user to enter whether they'd like to join as a member, guest, or ambassador, then provides them with the appropriate form. Once complete, it provides them with suggested next steps.


Questions, queries, or suggestions, please direct them to the website-improvement channel in the USC Discord or to You may even open an issue at usc-website's repository.