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2021-01 Release


Advancements from 2020-12

  • NextJS - Updated from Create React App to NextJS.

    • This allows systems like Facebook, Google, and Discord to properly scrape and embed the website from links.
    • It also minimizes project bundle sizes by generating the HTML for the static sites automatically during build time.
  • Database connection update - With the move to NextJS, we were also presented with the ability to create serverless functions to make connections to the MongoDB database.

    This should fix a momentary crash when the website loads the first time as the MongoDB Realm system has been removed from the website in favor of a direct connection.

  • Move from Github Pages to Vercel. Vercel is the recommended platform to host NextJS applications.

  • Massacre Mission Tracker - the tracker is now live!

    • Due to issues with EDSM, it is currently hardcoded on Bibaridji and HIP 4120. In the future, you will be able to add/delete Haz Rez systems.
    • You can Add/Delete Columns to adjust how many missions you receive for a certain faction.
    • Rows are banded to assist visually.
  • Merch Store - With the Logo competition in full swing, the website has a placeholder for the future merch store. We look forward to the store once the logo selection is concluded.


Questions, queries, or suggestions, please direct them to the website-improvement channel in the USC Discord or to You may even open an issue at usc-website's repository.