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2021-08 Release


What's New in 2021-08?

  • Progressive Web App (PWA) - The application is now a PWA. This means much of what you use will be cached on your system and you can go offline (provided you've visited the page at least once).

    Note: Access to external pages or pages that require authorization will not work while offline.

  • Site Map has been added to the footer. All main access paths are accessible.

  • Stub page for Developer information has been created and is under construction currently.

New Admin functionalities

These items are for those in Command.

  • Admin page has been corrected to use the database to verify if one is permitted access, rather than the session cookie.
  • Commander Dashboard
    • Added new Promotion Member view.
    • Inara Link column has been adjusted to an icon button rather than a button with text.
    • Adjustments have been made to attempt to improve sort and search.
    • Ambassadors list has been created.
  • Created Vote Assistant. This lists all current command members and their yay/nay vote.


Questions, queries, or suggestions, please direct them to the website-improvement channel in the USC Discord or to You may even open an issue at usc-website's repository.