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2021-08 v1 Release


What's New

New USC Bot Command

A new slash command has been added in the USC Bot

Calling /set-email and entering your email will add your email to the CMDR system in the USC Database.

The command will respond via an ephemeral message so only you see the response, meaning only you see your email in the Discord server.

Note: Your Discord tag must match between your Discord user and the USC CMDR database. If it does not, the command will fail and ask you to talk to Command.

Information Use: USC Command will be able to view your email. The only use will be for login to the USC Website.

USC Website Login

The USC Website permits login. It is a passwordless authentication system which uses an email link.

To set your email, use the new /set-email command listed above.


  • The email will come from with a link.
  • You must click on the link on the machine/browser you want to authenticate.

New USC Build Admin System

Initial work on the ability to edit and delete builds has been completed

This work accomplished the following:

  • USC Command can update and delete builds from the Builds system, regardless of who submitted them.
  • If you are logged into the website, the Build System will record your userId (a value generated by the database) as the authorId of the build.

Further work will add the following:

  • Users can edit and delete their own builds.
  • Related and Variant builds will be able to be added to a new build when creating the build.
  • Currently present builds without a userId will be manually updated with userIds.


CMDR Dialogs in the CMDR Admin Dashboard have been corrected so they will not crash the website if a calendar dropdown is clicked.

Other Updates

The mongoDB dependency has been updated to v4.1.0 and the APIs have been updated to match the new version.

Note: mongoDB has been installed twice. mongodb is v3.x and mongodb4 is v4.x. This is due to a requirement of the next-auth authentication system.


Questions, queries, or suggestions, please direct them to the website-improvement channel in the USC Discord or to You may even open an issue at usc-website's repository.