Established in 3306, the United Systems Cooperative is a tight-knit organization of independent pilots operating across the galaxy, both in human space, and the uncharted sectors beyond. Little is known about this groups motives and plans, though many conflicting reports are offered by systems across inhabited space. The one thing the reports agree on is that members of this group are fiercely loyal to one another, and to the organization as a whole. The United Systems Cooperative seeks to create a family where everyone is welcome, no matter their background, their allegiances, etc. To create a family where everyone can get the help they need, make lasting friendships, and have new brothers and sisters to fly with them through the black!

Meet the High Command

Fleet Admiral
  • CMDR
  • NickG2002
Vice Admiral
  • CMDR
  • Goliath the Second
  • CMDR
  • Lokioo42
  • CMDR
  • Pablok
  • CMDR
  • RedFang Culph
  • CMDR
  • UltraNeros
  • Position Avaliable



  • While in Discord,
  • 1.) Be Respectful.
  • 2.) Be Mature.
  • 3.) Use @everyone responsibly.
  • 4.) No porn or nudity, period.
  • 5.) No harassment.
  • 6.) No excessive swearing.
  • 7.) No derogatory terms or phrases.
  • 8.) No political discussions.
  • Operatives of the USC,
  • 1.) Will not, under no circumstance, Combat Log.
  • 2.) Will not attack other USC Personnel or any allies of the United Systems Cooperative.
  • 3.) Will not attack any innocent CMDRs, unless in pre-arranged combat, or for Powerplay.
  • 4.) Will not, under no circumstance, discriminate against other commanders on the basis of race, religion, sexuality, nationality, etc.
  • 5.) Will not, under no circumstance, seek revenge against other USC Personnel, directly or indirectly. Punishments for crimes, and resolutions for transgressions, will be handed out by High Command.
  • 6.) Will not, under no circumstance, to divulge information marked as confidential by High Command.
    Participants found in violation of any of these Discord or Group rules, or found attempting to bypass these rules in any way, will first be subject to a minimum of a warning, further offences will be subject to demotion, expulsion, and/or USC Kill-on-Sight status.


  • Fleet Admiral
  • Vice Admiral
  • Commodore
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Ensign
  • Cadet


  • 1st Imperium Auxiliary Cohort
  • Alba Rotam Private Military
  • Arbor Caelum
  • Black Universe Gazers
  • Daily Routine Incorperated
  • Explorers of Nabudis
  • The Galactic Archive
  • Gilgamesh Corps
  • Independence Separatist Fleet
  • Intergalactic Astronomical Union
  • Interstellar Incorporated
  • Knights of Pleiades
  • Ryders of the Void
  • Sapere Aude
  • + Your Alliance Here