About USC


  • 1) Be Respectful
  • 2) Be Mature
  • 3) No Explicit Content
  • 4) No harassment of any kind please
  • 5) No derogatory terms or phrases
  • 6) No political discussions. These can get heated and disrupt the server.
Members of USC
  • 1) Will not Combat Log
  • 2) Will not attack other USC Personnel or any allies of the United Systems Cooperative.
  • 3) Will not attack any innocent CMDRs, unless in pre-arranged combat, or for Powerplay.
  • 4) Will not discriminate against other commanders on the basis of race, religion, sexuality, gender, nationality, etc.
  • 5) Will not seek revenge against other USC Personnel, directly or indirectly. Punishments for crimes, and resolutions for transgressions, will be handed out by High Command.
  • 6) Will not to divulge information marked as confidential by High Command.

Those found in violation of any of these Discord or Group rules, or found attempting to bypass these rules in any way, will first be subject to a minimum of a warning, further offences will be subject to demotion, expulsion, and/or USC Kill-on-Sight status.